An open web built for creators

A global network of digital goods & creative economies.


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Your own creative garden

Pictosis is a decentralized network of micro-economies, organizations & marketplaces where value flows and grows

Create anything

Pictosis provides the tools to create any digital good, from cryptoart to "smart books"; from music & albums to video channels and beyond.

Distribute anywhere

Add your digital goods to a store front for distribution, or create one of your own in one click! Pictosis provides creators with the tools to distribute their content across the web, integrate with other protocols & systems in both the digital and physical worlds.

Collaborate with anyone

Some projects require collaboration. Pictosis automatically captures contributions of collaborators to empower open-source coordination.

Decentralized project management

As soon as multiple people work together, tracking contributions aren't the only challenge. From permission systems to decentralized decision making, governance problems arise almost immediately. Pictosis enables the drag and drop construction & evolution of project-centric DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) to manage this hassle for you.

A new kind of internet

Pictosis is the first token network where the "Internet of Value" comes to life.


NFTs for the Common Good

Because intellectual property doesn't work... nor does giving things away for free

No more restrictions or paywalls

Create content that can live anywhere on the web, from a blog post to an email. Only when content can be distributed freely & easily can we maximize knowledge-sharing, innovation, and creative collaboration.

No more royalty-hunger

Royalties only provide a fraction of the value added and rely on the activity of secondary markets & trade. The cryptoart world has shown this, where even the most popular NFT platforms rely on this model. It is neither predictable nor proportional to the value added to the world by your work. Build on Pictosis and let your creations make the money for you.

No more donation-dependence

Patronage & donation-based revenue models are common in the open-source & creative worlds, especially when you don't want to rely on off-putting paywalls. Barring internet-fame, it's pretty tough to make a living this way. Build on Pictosis and instantly gain the support of a global network of automated patronage.

A Circular Economy for the Metaverse

Pictosis is the first platform where the value added by you always finds its way back to you (in a way that helps you put food on the table) without any "catches" or compromises.

Empowering Open Source

New business models for developers

An innovation playground for engineers & creatives

Build extensions for NFTs, including governance policies, embedded cryptoeconomic primitives, access controls, or schemas.

Publish your extensions in an open marketplace

List your extensions on the marketplace, where creators can find and install them into their digital content with a simple drag and drop interface.

Automatic revenue

When NFTs that use your extension make money, so do you.



CEO & Full Stack Strategist


CTO & Token Engineer


Co-founder, cryptoartist & visionary


Software Developer

Shermin Voshmgir

Advisor - Web 3 Publishing

Shermin is the author of the widely popular book Token Economy, founder of Token Kitchen & co-founder of the Cryptoeconomics Research Institute at the Vienna University of Economics

Sebnem Rusitschka

Advisor - Token Economics & Publishing

Sebnem has pioneered work at the intersection of Blockchain & Energy. Most recently, she leads the development of the Hitchhiker's Guide to Token Engineering and designing curricula for the Token Engineering Academy

Lisa JY Tan

Economics & Publishing

Lisa is the founder and lead economist at Economics Design, a research focused consultancy for digital ecosystems. In the academia world, she contributes to research work in various fields like math and economics, while having the practitioner exposure with startups and global businesses. She’s also one of the leaders in a United Nations x Stanford University project on regulating digital currencies.

She was one of the first few to research and educate on token economics, starting in 2018 London. Since then, she has a weekly podcast on the economics of token ecosystems, online course and have educated regulators, government and organisations in London, Singapore, Seoul, Geneva.